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The artisT
Rita Roy BFA, MS

South Coast, Massachusetts

This ground breaking artist has an incredible three decades of experience in the performing arts industry! She is a masterful problem solver and designer, and her work has been featured on hundreds of stages, platforms, and galleries in the greater Boston area. 

Roy has truly embraced her creativity and pushed the boundaries of her talent. She has morphed her skills into a variety of forms, from her "Art For Show" gallery to her "Words For Show" page. It's amazing to see how she has used her journey to inspire her art pieces, and I'm sure her personal accounts from her diary are just as captivating. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind art piece or listen to her private diary entries, and I'm sure everyone will find something to appreciate on this website.

Born in Massachusetts and currently living there, she has had a fascinating career journey from actress/model to rebel artist. Her adventures have taken her all over the nation, and yet she still lives a private life and spends hours in her home studio. If you'd like to contact her directly, you can reach her at We should all be thankful for her contributions to the art world!

The Art
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Be prepared for art giving "rebel", "recycled", "apocalypse", "hope", "trauma", "mental health", "growth", "passion", "diversity", and "humanity".

Art Commission Available:



-Mixed Media

-Protest Jackets


-Mask Making

-Prop Making

-Memory Boxes



-Candy Jewelry

-Art Installation

-Resin Pours

-Fan Art

-Custom Framing


Awakened (2022) - Set Photographer

Police Training (2017) - Actress

I Told You So (2019) - Production Assistant

A Man of No Importance (2021) - Set Designer, Actress, and Video Editor

The Intervention (2019) - Actress

The Audacity (2018) - Set Designer, Special Effects, Projection Assistant

The Annie Sullivan Show (2017) - Writer, Researcher, Actress, Producer

Heather Schmid (2020) - Set Decorator, Lighting, Camera, and Projection

Cillary Hilton VIP (2016) - Writer, Researcher, Actress, Producer

More experience includes:

15 years of work as a stage technician

10 years of video editing

6 years as a physics grad student

3 years as a college professor

10 years as an art model

15 years of dance

Scene Work Available:

-Science Consultant


-Director of Photography

-Special Effects

-Assistant Director

-Production Assistant



-Script Manager

-Set Decorator

-Set Photography





-Video Editing

-Voice Overs

Thank you

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